Unreal Engine 5 Demo Game Artist Analysis

General / 18 May 2020

Talking a bit about the new Unreal Engine Demo. If you are new to game art, there's a few things you can learn from this video

(I am particularly proud of that thumbnail)

Should You Join a Royalty Based Game Project?

General / 23 January 2020

In this video I go over some reasons why you should or should not join a royalty based projects and my experience with them

Starting as a 3D Artist for Games in 2020: Premade Assets

General / 10 January 2020

There are many base meshes and pre made assets on Artstation, but should you use them for your portfolio work? Watch to find out and leave your thoughts below ;)

Tips for Starting as a 3D Artist on 2020

General / 02 January 2020

Here is a small video with the basics for anyone thinking of starting 3D art to get a job. With this series of videos I want to let people know that there are other avenues to earn a living doing 3D art other than working for the high end companies we all want to work for when we start doing 3D. 

New Wallpaper for Ember Vein

General / 17 December 2019

This is a simple wallpaper I made for the game, I plan to do one for each character once I re-design them 

Creating Stylized Textures in Photoshop

General / 12 December 2019

In this video I show my process of getting stylized textures in Photoshop.

Rendering a Stylized Character in Marmoset Toolbag

General / 07 December 2019

In this video you'll be joining me while I render Jack's redesign for my portfolio. Is a bit longer than my usual videos but that way you get to see all my process and  you'll pickup something that helps. 

Ember Vein: Redesigning Jack Savage

General / 05 December 2019

Here is a breakdown of the new melee character for ember vein, Jack Savage. I tried to keep it as short as I could. I will expand more in the process on other videos so this doesn't take 2 hours.

Update on Ember Vein Characters: Jack Savage

General / 03 December 2019

I've made some significant changes to one of the characters from the game Ember Vein I've been working on. If you wonder why didn't he look like this the first time? I'll make a video about that on my channel. In the meantime here is the result. 

  If you would like to know how he looked before here is a link to the Youtube video where I show it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=282K1_1VSh4 

I'll be making the portfolio shots with a breakdown very soon :)

Portfolio Presentation: Posing

General / 12 June 2019

In this video I show you a bit about posing, the tools that I use for posing my characters and some other tips